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Welcome to A Battlefield Requiem    
                                       Welcome and Enjoy the Ride with ABR.   

 We pride ourselves around teamwork. Come with us and use your skills in squad based action so intense that you will be wiping the blood off your face from all the nonstop gore and action ABR has to offer. Pick up your weapon and get knee deep in dead bodies with ABR for there are only three things we strive for on the battlefield. Accomplishing the mission, Killing every advisary we encounter, and finally teamwork. If you like what you hear or have seen on the Battlefield notify an officer or member today and find out how you may become a part of the Elite Force known as A Battlefield Requiem. We are an Exclusive clan not just anyone may join. Quality not Quantity.                        

                                            The Standard of ABR.

-Utilize Teamwork in Everything you do on the battlefield.
-Always do your job to the best of your abilities.
-You are Required to have a mic. (I Understand there are special cases and they will be handled as such.)
-You are Required to activate your BF3 account on Battlelog to join ABR's Platoon and also run the ABR tags ingame at all times.(Battlelogs website is available threw the battlelog tab on the website.)
-Listen to your Leaders that are appointed over you.
-Absolutely no drama will be tolerated in the clan, if you have an issue bring it up sideline via message on PSN, Guildportal, or SINGARS Net to have your issue addressed. 
-Never I repeat never use unprofessional mannerisms on any mission. (example:Like getting into a vehicle and have the slot as a gunner and you fire randomly into nothing just to give away your postion on the battlefield cause you felt like acting like a newb for a brief period.)
-Always conduct yourself as a professional for you never know who might be a new recruit watching us on the battlefield.

                        *Keep checking the Standard updates may be applied.*

Note:When you apply for ABR you agree to all these terms so make sure you know the standard.
ABR News Reports    

Welcome All ABR Members

biazejohnson, Nov 7, 11 4:00 PM.
This is the first phase in getting our clans name out there to show our enemies who we are. Remember we need to recruit and then recruit some more. Make sure we are sending people the the website as well as having them activate their accounts on battlelog to enter our ABR platoon as well. I am working on setting up Forums for different aspects of BF3. All members will have access to them and be able to comment their intel on the issues as well. We will setup voting systems for different events as well as things as a clan we can push towards EA and DICE to inform them how they can make the game better. Everyone in the clan makes the clan no one person is in charge not even myself. Remember that when whoever is placed in charge faces an issue when The Clan Leader is not online. Never abuse your power. I also want to push out to our members of ABR we need leaders if you are up for the challenge send me a message or even comment on this intel post. Keep up the fight men, now get out there and destroy the enemy.

Your Clan Leader,

Web Site Live on GuildPortal!

biazejohnson, Oct 28, 11 12:50 PM.
This is a great place to keep members and visitors up to date on things of interest!
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Before Applying for ABR you are required to have a mic. Be able to make most Clan Missions. Be able to take orders from leaders of your squad. Lastly use teamwork in everyway your able to so missions go down on battlelog as wins for our Clan. This is an ELITE FORCE of Battlefield 3.
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